Spring Break Turn Ray Tracing On/OFF
What's new:

     I corrected the Phong lighting, added perspective and implemented both splines.
     Since we're learning splines. I figured it would be interesting to do vector graphics.
     It seems that most paths in a svg file (see path.txt) are a combination multiple of end-to-end Bezier Splines.
     I created these shapes in Adobe Illustrator and output them to svg.
    I processed the path data in (see lib6.header.js) and transformed them into multiple Bezier functions and then interpolated them in lib6.ext.js so that they appears to be smooth shapes.
     I also made animations with Hermite Splines.
     As before, you can 'walk' by pressing arrow keys, it's now looked more like it because I added a ground and the scene is now perspective. Again, better used in Fullscreen mode.