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Yinqi Sun (Bill) is a passionate researcher interested in Database Systems, Data Science and Visualization. I also write compilers and databases. Author of AQuery++, a columnstore database.

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My Projects:

  • Computer Graphics Gallery
  • AQuery++: A column-store, time-series database I wrote that compiles query into C++.
    • Standalong Support for SQL92 queries, UDF, User Module Extension, Stored Procedure, Triggers, Built-in Aggregation functions.
    • Can use embedded relational databases (e.g. MonetDB, SQLite, DuckDB) as datasource to extend functionality such as Transaction Control, Disk Storage and Indexes.
  • WatchOS Player: A standalone local music player for WatchOS 9+, sync with your computer via HTTP protocol.
  • ChocoPy Compiler in Java: Compiles ChocoPy (subset of Python) into RISCV assembly (Availible Upon Request)
  • My first Compiler: A Pascal Compiler in C++, hand-coded SLR(1) parser
  • Report on Neural Rendering (Writing Sample): One of Machine Learning Homeworks for March 2021
  • A Hockey Game : Homework for Heurestic Problem Solving
  • Selected Publications:

  • Vexless: A Serverless Vector Data Management System Using Cloud Functions SIGMOD 2024
  • Revisiting stress majorization as a unified framework for interactive constrained graph visualization IEEE VIS 2017
  • Structure-aware Fisheye Views for Efficient Large Graph Exploration IEEE VIS 2018
  • AQuery++: A high-performance, extensible Database for incremental analysis (Early Draft)
  • Forgetful Forests: Data Structures for Machine Learning on Streaming Data under Concept Drift MDPI Algorithms 2023
  • Useful Tools:

  • Self Hosted Compiler Explorer by Matt Godbolt
  • Self Hosted Git Server powered by Gitea
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