Hockey Game

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Game Play:

In this game, you play Hockey. The hockey puck start at the center of the map, and you build walls to bounce the puck around. Whenever the hockey puck bounced at the left/right border of the map, the right/left player gets one point.
You only have limited materials to build walls. You may salvage materials by destroying your opponent's walls. You may build a wall every t1 time and destroy your opponent's wall every t2 time.
The walls you build should have length between lmin < l < lmax. Use the scroll wheel or pinch on the game board to change the length of the wall. (You may need to press 'O' or click on the Scroll button to disable scrolling before you do that. Press/click again to re-enable scrolling.). Or you can use +(=)/- keys to zoom in and out.

Press T to pause the game for 3 seconds. Whenever player A takes control over opponent B. B get one chance of pausing the game to move the cursor back and retake control. During the pause, the game will freeze.
Press Z to change wall directions. You can only delete your opponents' wall. To delete a wall, press D or X on your side of the map and when the cursor becomes a cross, move the cursor to your opponent's side and click a wall highlighted in yellow to delete it. You can't delete a wall when your delete action is on cool down (The time left in cool down shows in the status panel). Press D or X again to exit delete mode without deleting a wall.

Game Mode:

Single Player: In single-player mode, whenever the puck hits the vertical boundary, you lose a point. The objective is to minimize the times that the puck hits the vertical boundaries.

VS AI: This is a demonstration of the multiplayer game, in this case you will be the left player, the bot will play on the right.

Multiplayer: In order to make it more comfortable for two players to share a single keyboard, You can select `Separate Control' option. The key binding for Separate Control mode is:
Player 1: Toggle Delete: D/X; Change Wall Type (Horizontal/Vertical): Z; Zoom In: 2; Zoom Out: 1
Player 2: Toggle Delete: K/,(Comma); Change Wall Type (Horizontal/Vertical): .(Dot/Period); Zoom In: -(_); Zoom Out: +(=)

The game will stop after Tmax seconds.